Sofa Configurator from The Planner Studio

Transforming Sofacompany’s Digital Showroom with The Planner Studio’s 3D Configurator

In an era where digital presence significantly influences consumer decisions, Sofacompany, a leading Danish furniture brand, embarked on a transformative journey to replicate its in-store experience online. Leveraging The Planner Studio’s innovative 3D product configurator, Sofacompany aimed to offer a digital solution that reflects its core values of quality and robust design, thus enhancing the online shopping experience for its customers worldwide.

If you’re inspired by Sofacompany’s transformation and see the potential of leveraging a 3D product configurator for your own brand, The Planner Studio is ready to guide you through your own digital revolution.

3D Planner from The Planner Studio

Creating an In-Store Experience Online

A primary challenge faced by Sofacompany was translating the tactile and visual satisfaction of in-store shopping into the digital realm. But how do you enable customers to feel the comfort and quality of a sofa without physically being present in the showroom?

Product configurator for e-commerce

Choosing the Right Platform 

The Planner Studio provided a cutting-edge 3D configurator that allows customers to view and interact with Sofacompany’s products from the comfort of their homes. The tool’s intuitive design interface enabled users to customize their selections based on size, color, and material, providing a dynamic visual representation that closely mimics the in-store experience.

The platform’s adaptability meant that it could evolve visually and functionally with Sofacompany, ensuring a future-proof solution that could grow alongside the expanding product line and market presence.

Statistical Highlights

This statistic is a testament to the configurator’s effectiveness in engaging customers and driving them towards making a purchase.

Global Engagement

The configurator has been rolled out in 9 different markets, showcasing Sofacompany’s commitment to reaching a diverse global audience.

Extensive Product Catalog

Offering 7 product families and 50 different models, the configurator presents over 3000 products in various configurations, fulfilling the unique needs and preferences of each customer.

Add to cart succes

Out of over 520,000 configurations created by users, approximately 1 in 10 configurations are successfully added to the cart.

Different product families in the 3D Configurator from The Planner Studio

Expanding Product Families and Market Adaptability

Sofacompany recently expanded its product range to include seven distinct families, including both indoor and newly launched outdoor furniture collections. This expansion not only broadened their catalog but also catered to a wider range of customer preferences and seasonal demands.

3D Product Cconfigurator for sofas

Inventory and Pricing Strategy

Sofacompany’s sophisticated inventory management allows for real-time updates and automatic adjustments between standard and made-to-order products based on regional stock levels. For instance, a sofa that is readily available in Germany might be listed as made-to-order in other countries if stocks are depleted, ensuring efficient use of inventory and maintaining competitive pricing.

Enhanced Customization Options

In addition to the extensive range of models and materials available, some product families also offer customizable options such as different sofa legs. This feature allows customers to personalize their furniture to a greater extent, ensuring that each piece not only fits their space but also their style.

3D Product Configurator for SofaCompany

Integration with Magento 2

To streamline the customer journey from configuration to purchase, The Planner Studio’s platform is fully integrated with Sofacompany’s Magento e-commerce system. This seamless integration ensures that customers can design their sofas, add them to their shopping carts, and complete their purchases effortlessly, enhancing the user experience and supporting higher conversion rates.

Looking Forward

As Sofacompany continues to expand its digital capabilities and explore new markets, the continued evolution of The Planner Studio’s configurator will play a crucial role in adapting to and satisfying the changing preferences of a global clientele. Sofacompany remains committed to enhancing its digital showroom, ensuring that each customer interaction is as unique and personalized as the furniture they purchase.