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Why 3D configuration is the future of efficient B2B sales

We stand on the brink of an exciting era in technology. That’s why adopting digital tools that enhance your customer’s online shopping experience is crucial for success. One software that has proven to be efficient is the 3D configurator. But can it also streamline your sales process, maximize conversion rates, and save costs? The answer is yes, and this article will tell you why.

The global furniture e-commerce industry is booming and customization is taking the center stage.

Whether you’re selling classic wingback chairs, modular sofas, or coffee tables in the shape of bananas, customers love to personalize furniture according to their individual style.

In fact, “off-the-shelf” almost sounds outdated and it’s necessary for your business to keep up with the latest technology if you want to stand out in a crowded market.

This is where the 3D product configurator comes in.

Can you afford to ignore this technology in 2024?

In simple terms, 3D configuration is a software that allows your customer to personalize products and make real-time adjustments in true-to-life 3D. With options to choose and change colors, materials, fabrics, accessories, and playing with modules, customers can now personalize furniture like never before.

Product Configurator

For you, integrating 3D configuration in your business means:

#1 Higher average order value (AOV): Great product visualization gives your customers a crystal-clear understanding of your product’s features and what they’re purchasing. The result is fully informed decisions, less returns, and the possibility of customers adding even more products to the shopping cart.

#2 Customer engagement: A personalized and interactive shopping experience keeps your customers interested and involved in the decision-making process which ultimately increases your conversion rates.

#3 Reduced sales cycle: 3D configuration is able to streamline your sales process by instantly generating accurate price quotes based on configurations, seamlessly integrates with CPQ and business softwares, automates order processing, and sends precise order instructions directly to the manufacturer.

Fogia Shelf 3D Configurator

Give your customer a 360-degree virtual tour of your products

Choosing the right products is a big deal and making the right decision from the beginning is important for both you and your customer. Especially when the purchase involves larger quantities and multiple decision-makers. Today, customers expect a personalized shopping experience that mimics an in-store visit and they want products that reflect their specific needs. It’s no longer a question of nice-to-have, but a can’t-do-without.

Why would customers prefer to browse through blocks of product descriptions, plain images, and technical descriptions, when they can enjoy a 360-degree virtual tour instead?

Great product visualization significantly enhances the overall shopping experience by letting your customers see a detailed 3D version of your products.

In fact, when your customer is able to customize a product according to their exact preferences, they automatically form an emotional connection to it. This reduces the risk of cart abandonment, maximizes conversion rates, and results in long-term customers.

3D Product Configurator B2B

This feature is particularly valuable in B2B furniture e-commerce, where evaluating the products from multiple angles in high-definition can strongly influence their purchasing decisions.

It’s all about showing your customers that you understand their tastes, desires, and needs and are able to provide them with the best solutions.

Sofacompany is a great example of a company that has successfully integrated a 3D product configurator to showcase their furniture and customization options to their fullest potential.

Actually, the company employs this tool not only on their online platform but also strategically uses it as a sales tool in their physical stores.

This provides personalized assistance to in-store customers which enhances their shopping experience and encourages a smooth collaboration between customers and sales associates. As a result, Sofacompany is able to boost sales and strengthen brand loyalty.

Sofacompany Product Configurator

People are loyal to companies who make their lives easier

A 3D product configurator not only allows customers to personalize products. It also helps them understand your product’s complex features and functionalities.

Add augmented reality (AR) into the software and the experience becomes even more engaging.

Here, customers get a showroom-like experience where they’re able to visualize how the product actually looks in their own space without even having to leave the comfort of their own desk.


While customers use the configurator on your website, it gathers valuable data.
This information is crucial for improving sales processes, product features, and the overall shopping experience.

By analyzing customer behavior, you can tailor recommendations and customize each customer’s online journey to meet their specific needs in the future.

In the end, this data can help you fine-tune your business strategy, strengthen your relationship with customers, and stay ahead of competition by giving your customers the power to design furniture exactly as they like it at any time and any place.

The result is a higher average order value (AOV) and happy customers who are more likely to return to your site for future purchases.

Recent data from a 2024 study conducted by Forrester Consulting reveal that:

Numbers and statistics of furniture

With 3D configuration, you can allocate valuable resources elsewhere

As you already know, B2B sales cycles can be complex and sometimes involve endless exchange of emails, phone calls, and negotiations which can drag on for days or even weeks.

However, a 3D product configurator is able to significantly streamline this process.

It’s self-served which reduces the burden on your sales team by eliminating recurring sales tasks and automating many of the administrative duties.

3D product configuration can easily be integrated into your existing ordering systems, business softwares, and is a strategic opportunity for upsells and cross-sells directly within the interface.

Integrating the 3D configurator with your CPQ solution offers additional benefits like intelligent pricing and automatic quote generation. Customers can immediately see how changes in colors, fabrics, and modules affect the prices.

This provides transparency in the buying process and gives them confidence in their purchase.

While your customers are personalizing their products, the 3D configurator is able to recommend upgraded versions, complementary accessories, and special promotions.

These suggestions are smoothly incorporated in the shopping experience and often lead to additional sales.

This reduces the effort required by your sales team to create quotes and gives them more time for important activities that help your business grow which leads to a smoother sales process.

Muuto stands out as another excellent example of a company who’s benefiting effectively from the integrated 3D product configurator in partnership with The Planner Studio.

In this case, the software is particularly a valuable tool for their architects who can build custom solutions within an intuitive platform. This simplifies the design process and leads to quicker project completion (and happier customers).

Muuto is also able to provide their retailers with a special planner tool alongside their furniture which allows customers at the retailers’ stores to easily design and purchase unique solutions with Muuto furniture.

Muuto 3D Configurator

We’re proud to say that The Planner Studio is trusted by top furniture brands worldwide

The benefits of 3D product configuration are obvious.

No matter the size of your business, it’s a technology you can’t afford to ignore if you want to maximize conversion rates, increase customer satisfaction, and efficient sales processes to grow your business.

And with the world’s leading furniture brands already successfully investing in 3D configuration, a massive wave is building.

That means it’s time to decide whether you want to ride this wave as it will continue to dominate the B2B furniture e-commerce industry or risk falling behind.

Contact us today and find out how The Planner Studio is able to integrate a 3D configurator that matches your business needs. Our team of experts is ready to help you from start to finish.
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