Have a question about The Planner Studio? Check our FAQ section. From integration queries to pricing details, we’ve got you covered. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly – we’re always here to help.


How easy is it to integrate “The Planner Studio” with my current webshop platform?

Integration with your existing webshop platform is a straightforward process. We’ll connect with your 3D-file system (or provide hosting) and align with your product data. Expect to see The Planner fully operational on your platform within 2-3 months.


Can the platform be customized to match my brand identity?

Absolutely! Our platform is built with flexibility in mind. We can customize colors, fonts, design elements, and more to align with your brand identity.


What kind of support do you provide if we encounter any problems or technical issues?

Support is just a call or email away. You’ll have a dedicated project manager to help you navigate any issues or technical difficulties. We are committed to providing prompt updates and solutions.


How does the pricing work for “The Planner Studio” services?

Our pricing consists of an initial setup fee which varies based on the level of customization and integration needed for your specific case. Thereafter, a monthly fee applies, calculated based on the number of product series showcased in The Planner. Please reach out to us for a tailored offer.


How does the AR feature work and what devices are supported?

If you are on a desktop, a simple QR code will seamlessly transfer your design to your mobile device for the full AR experience.