Make Nordic 3D Configurator

Revolutionizing Make Nordic’s Online Experience with The Planner Studio’s 3D Product Configurator

Setting a New Standard in
Online Furniture Customization

The partnership between The Planner Studio and Make Nordic represents a milestone in online retail, particularly in the furniture sector. By integrating the 3D product configurator into Make Nordic’s digital strategy, we’ve not only elevated the online shopping experience but also set a new industry standard for customer engagement and product personalization.

Make Nordic, known for its sustainable and architecturally designed furniture, faced the challenge of replicating their in-store experience online. The Planner Studio was enlisted to transform Make Nordic’s online presence, integrating a seamless, engaging shopping experience that mirrors the quality of their physical offerings.

This tool has revolutionized how customers interact with furniture online, making Make Nordic a leader in digital innovation. Looking forward, The Planner Studio remains committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, ensuring that our clients stay at the forefront of their industries through cutting-edge digital solutions.

If you’re inspired by Make Nordic’s transformation and envision leveraging a 3D product configurator for your own brand, The Planner Studio is ready to guide you through a digital revolution. Contact us to explore how our bespoke 3D configurator solutions can enhance your online presence, engage your customers, and elevate your brand in the competitive digital marketplace.

The 3D Product Configurator: Bringing Products to Life

At the heart of Make Nordic’s digital transformation is The Planner Studio’s 3D product configurator. This advanced tool allows customers to customize their furniture, offering a real-time visualization of their choices. From adjusting dimensions to selecting finishes, the configurator enhances the online shopping experience, making it interactive, fun, and personal.

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Deep Customization with a Single Click

The configurator’s integration with Cylindo enabled a seamless, intuitive customization experience. Customers can effortlessly choose from a wide array of options, witnessing their creations come to life on the screen. This not only empowers buyers but also aligns with Make Nordic’s vision of offering personalized products that meet individual needs and styles.


Statistical Highlights

Product numbers for 3D Product Configurator
Product Variety and Customization
The configurator supports over 750 unique product variants for Make Nordic, showcasing more than 50 textile options and 15+ modules. This extensive variety ensures that customers can find exactly what they need and tailor it to their preferences, fully embodying the spirit of customization that Make Nordic values.
Conversion numbers for 3D Product Configurator
Engagement and Conversion
Impressively, over 10,000 users have engaged with Make Nordic’s 3D product configurator, with a notable conversion rate of 14% where users proceed to add their customized product to their shopping cart. This statistic highlights the configurator’s effectiveness in enhancing user experience and boosting sales for Make Nordic.
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Harmonizing Online and Offline Worlds

Collaborating closely with Make Nordic, The Planner Studio ensured that every digital element – from navigation to aesthetics – resonates with the brand’s identity. The online experience is crafted to feel as authentic and tactile as interacting with Make Nordic’s physical products, fostering a deep connection between the customer and the brand.

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Features and Functionalities

The configurator boasts advanced features that enable users to customize products to their liking, including material selection, color changes, and viewing products from various angles. The goal was to empower customers to make informed decisions by exploring every possible configuration of the product.

Technical Excellence Meets User-Friendly Design

A key aspect of the configurator is its balance between technical sophistication and ease of use. We ensured the interface was intuitive, catering to both tech-savvy users and those less familiar with digital tools.

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Shopify integration with 3D Product Configurator

Integration with Shopify

To complement the configurator, we seamlessly integrated it into Make Nordic’s new Shopify platform, enhancing the overall user experience and streamlining the purchase process.

Make Nordic 3D Configurator

Elevating Customer Engagement

The introduction of the 3D configurator has significantly improved the online shopping experience, increasing customer engagement and satisfaction. By providing a realistic view of how customized products would look in their space, we’ve bridged the gap between online shopping and the tangible quality of Make Nordic’s furniture.